Introducing… 3C-STEAM Turbines

As the world faces up to the challenge of avoiding the prospect of a disastrous 3°C global temperature rise, new clean and sustainable energy technology solutions to decarbonise and reduce emissions in power generation are urgently being sought.

3C-STEAM is an exciting new turbine technology which allows us to re-define the power generation efficiency and use of steam. The clever modular 3C (Compress-Cool-Condense) design significantly lowers capital and operational cost and enables the elimination of costly, unsightly and emitting cooling towers whilst generating more efficient and cleaner electricity from steam sources which account for over 60% of global power production.

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3C-STEAM Turbines have the capability of easily integrating with and making viable the life extension of existing power plants whilst producing cleaner energy more economically and efficiently. The technology also makes new sources of steam from waste heat and geothermal a viable and sustainable contributor to the provision of clean energy to meet an increasing global demand.

In summary this fully patented cutting edge steam turbine design offers

  • highly efficient electricity generation from any steam source
    • existing power plants
    • captured heat energy from industrial waste
    • geothermal power plants
    • on a global, regional or local basis
  • its compact modular structure enables
    • optimum power output multiples and redundancy
    • no downtime for maintenance
    • lower footprint and associated costs
    • elimination of cooling towers
    • lower capex and opex than existing power plants

We are currently working with partners to develop the first bench-demo of this new turbine as we progress towards developing a range of commercial scale 3C-STEAM™ Turbine units for industry.


Current Activities

  • Building bench-demo
  • Working with partners, Scottish Enterprise, EIC, AFRC
  • Seeking industrial partners
  • Holding discussions with project owners

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