As older and less environmentally friendly fossil fuel power generation is being replaced, new clean and sustainable energy technology solutions are urgently being sought to support growing global demand and to complement the emerging but more weather dependent green technologies of wind, solar and wave.

Waste industrial heat and geothermal are both valuable and environmentally friendly energy sources of sustainable power through steam turbine electricity generation, but they currently remain largely untapped. Current steam turbine technology still needs costly, unsightly and air polluting cooling towers and badly needs innovation to improve efficiency and reduce cost if it is to remain viable and acceptable.

Having again listened to the industry, learned of its challenges and understood the issues, GA R&D are delighted to have developed a design solution which radically addresses the cost, efficiency and emission problems currently presented by existing steam turbine technology.

Its fully patented highly novel modular steam turbine electricity generation design, GARD 3C-STEAM™ Turbine technology cuts capital infrastructure and operational costs by more than half by removing the need for cooling towers and with modular structure, eliminates the need for shutdowns. Designed to capture heat from industrial waste heat and geothermal this compact modular design can be optimised to produce electricity locally thus cutting down on the high loss normally suffered through lengthy power distribution networks.

Development of the design concept is currently being progressed in conjunction with industry, academic and funding partners.