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December 2022 - Europe

Energy Tech Review, UK & Europe

Energy Tech Review 2022 UK Energy Solution Provider


September 2022 - Aberdeen, UK

Visit to our HQ, Aberdeen from the Consulate Of India in Edinburgh


We are honoured that Consul General Shri Bijay Selvaraj and Consul Shri Satya Veer Singh of the Consulate Of India in Edinburgh stopped by to discuss bilateral business between Scotland and India.


We are very grateful for the support.


JUNE 2022 - London, UK



After celebrating the ‘300 Years of Leadership & Innovation’, again, a huge thank you to SJH Group for inviting us to support ‘Her Majesty The Queen: The Official Platinum Jubilee Pageant Commemorative Album’.


March 2022 - Aberdeen, UK

Visit to our HQ, Aberdeen from Scottish Enterprise CEO and his team

Scottish Enterprise CEO with MD Yerasimos Angelis


We were delighted to welcome Adrian Gillespie, CEO at Scottish Enterprise to speak about our R&D activities and showcase the U-line Roller, the first GA R&D Ltd commercialised technology.

We look forward to continuing our great relationship with Scottish Enterprise.

Thank you Adrian and the team!



October 2021 - MEXICO

H2O Evolution


Shallow & Deepwater Mexico GARD U-line
Mexico HUB GARD U-line

 U-line Rollers prior to shipping, now in MEXICO to service the Mexican market and to be displayed at the Shallow and Deepwater Mexico Exhibition and Conference held in Mexico’s Petroleum Capital Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, October 12-14, 2021.


Sep 2021 - Westminster Abbey, UK


Westminster Abbey - Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster in London, UK
Westminster Abbey 300 Years of Innovation GARD
Westminster Abbey 300 Years of Innovation GARD
Westminster Abbey 300 Years of Innovation GARD

Having presented at the WGC 2020 out C-Gen technology and commercialised our U-line technology , GA R&D Ltd have been selected to be profiled in the official History of Parliament Trust 300 Years of Leadership and Innovation commemorative album. The History of Parliament Trust – one of the most respected and authoritative research projects in British history – will launch the publication entitled 300 Years of Leadership and Innovation at Westminster Abbey on Wednesday, 22 September 2021.


June 2021 - ICELAND


Global Geothermal Congress 2020+ GARD C-GEN


GA R&D MD, Yerasimos Angelis, was delighted to accept the invitation to chair the virtual Drilling & Completion session of the World Geothermal Congress 2020+1 on 18/03/2021. The invitation followed on from G A R&D Ltd having been selected to present to the Congress a white paper on their highly novel and patented 3C-Steam™ Turbine technology which has Geothermal as one of its target markets. The Q&A session [link] featured responses from the expert presenters.


June 2021 - ASIA

Technology Export

GARD U-line India - HLS


A busy week at G A R&D as yet another set of world leading GARD U-line downhole conveyance rollers heads out to the Asian marketplace.


April 2021 - ICELAND

Global Geothermal Congress Presentation

Global Geothermal Congress 2020+ GARD C-GEN


G A R&D were delighted to be asked to submit a video of their 3C Turbine technology to the World Geothermal Congress 2020+1 being held virtually in Iceland during the period March – October 2021. The video [link] outlines and explains the novel approach of improving the efficiency of steam power generation from geothermal energy.


March 2021 - INDIA



Commonwealth Agreement UK-India GARD U-line


As part of its ambitious global growth plan Aberdeen, UK company GA R&D have entered into a landmark commercial agreement with Parveen Industries, Mumbai, India ( to bring it’s world leading GARD U-line downhole conveyance roller technology to the Indian Oil & Gas marketplace.

The partnership deal will see Parveen manufacture under license and promote the next generation GARD U-line  roller technology in India to enable well Operators to extract far greater returns from their resource by reducing well intervention costs.


Nov 2020 - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

U-line Roller Export Agreement

Following our success in West Africa, G A R&D Ltd has added the highly important market of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to its global sales network by signing an Agreement with ESNAD Integrated Est. for the GARD U-line Roller Technology.

Managing Director, Yerasimos Angelis, commented, “There is huge potential for the GARD U-line system in this market, we know the market in KSA well and expect to be following up initial orders with larger quantity orders early in 2021. GARD U-line is proven in its ability to replace tractors in highly deviated wells and our in-house analysis of the tool’s predicted performance in the first KSA wells re-affirms that capability”.

Bander Almutari, Director, ESNAD Integrated Est. commented, “We are delighted to enter into this commercial relationship with G A R&D Ltd to realise the potential for the GARD U-line technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”.

G A R&D is continuing in the global expansion of its GARD U-line™ technology and expects to be signing further export sales agreements soon.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - UK Agreement GARD U-line


June 2020 - West Africa

Successful Field Trials

New World Record Set innovative thinking: Aberdeen-based businessman Yerasimos Angelis, whose company GA R&D has developed the U-Line roller

Yerasimos Angelis – MD at G A R&D

A north-east entrepreneur has set his sights on commercialising oilfield technology developed primarily in Aberdeen after it passed field trials in Nigeria.


May 2019 - West Africa

Success in the West (Africa)! – Delighted to announce signing the 1st international export contract for GARD U-line™ Rollers and available in the region from Q3-2019.

Common Wealth Agreement - Nigeria-UK GARD U-line
Common Wealth Agreement - Nigeria-UK GARD U-line


2020 - ICELAND

World Geothermal Congress 2020