Based on its interlock system, the Next-Gen U-line Technology range…

…is currently being developed beyond conveyance!




SLIP-OVER U-line Roller

Universal Logging applications

Accurate Sampling operations

Modular Wheel Size

No Screws!
Next Gen U-line Technology - Slip over

PLT applications

CBL operations



This U-line technology offers a quick attachment to any logging toolstring without the use of fasteners. The entire assembly is retained by an interlock system, making it easy to maintain at the field and even replace wheel size without the requirement of any special tooling or highly competent personnel. 

Uplifting performance when existing conventional slip-over rollers cannot!

An new approach of combining petrophysics and automotive dynamics to extend current industry limits!


For Slip-over U-line roller inquiries please email us at [email protected] , using ref: WR05_Series

Next-Gen U-line PM

Next Gen U-line Technology



Second generation of U-line technology combined with permanent magnet (PM) technology to re-enstate tractor operations in horizontal wells.

We are currently developing a next generation lightweight tractor to extend our current record of conveying thousands of feet at inclinations between 75-85 degrees without utilising power from the surface.

Our aim is to reduce heavily recorded environmental sensitive emissions due to wireline tractor operations over the past years, making O&G greener.

Next Gen U-line Technology - Slip over Roller
Convey Horizontal with Slickline

Next Gen U-line Technology - Artificial Lift

A Next Gen U-line Technology to address to long challenges of sucker rod pumps for production wells. This latest U-line centraliser, is constructed by very few components and no screws are used to retain the associated parts. This particular project was launched to provide a long term solution for production wells with ageing completions that face may challenges. Further on, the wel integrity is improved but also the rod pump BHA runs centrailsed with minimal wearing. 

Images coming soon…